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Take advantages of our GMDSS courses:

  • Lots of text material, images, graphs, tables, maps and quizzes,
  • GMDSS Simulators and Simulations of operations on available GMDSS simulators,
  • Other simulations (VHF range, MF/HF range, simplex/duplex channels, INTERCO etc.).

All material is available in more than 10 languages and any course including simulators may be used by teachers and students as well.


GMDSS Simulators Available

  • Simrad's GMDSS VHF RD68 radio simulator,
  • McMurdo's NAVTEX receiver NAV 6 Plus simulator,
  • Thrane&Thrane's SAILOR 5100 MF/HF radio simulator,
  • Thrane&Thrane's SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal simulator,
  • Thrane&Thrane's SAILOR TT-3020 Inmarsat transceiver simulator,
  • and more.

Simple Procedure

1. Create new user's account
2. Upgrade your account to access also our GMDSS simulators
3. Make a plan on how to support your teachers and involve your students
4. Share your account details with your teachers and students


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Our Clients - Schools which are already using

This list is non-exhaustive

  • Perth Boat School, Australia
  • Offshore, Belgium
  • 4TX, Belgium
  • Bateau-ecole, Belgium
  • Camosun College, Canada
  • Pomorska škola Bakar, Croatia
  • BR Marine, Denmark
  • Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu, Finland
  • Magyar Jacht Akadémiá, Hungary
  • Kish Ro Abi, Iran
  • VHF Navcom, Ireland
  • Istituto di Cultura Marttimo Portuale di Trieste, Italy
  • Nati 2 volte, Italy
  • Octava, Italy
  • SE.MA2, Italy
  • Thesi, Italy
  • Lietuvos aukstoji jureivystes mokykla, Lietuva
  • Maritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz van de NHL, Netherlands
  • Zeevaart School Abel Tasman, Netherlands
  • Akademia Morska w Szczecinie, Poland
  • Navigare, Poland
  • Osrodek Prac Rozwojowych, Poland
  • Serbian nautical academy, Serbia
  • T&T Bisso Salvage Asia, Singapore
  • Tatra marine, Slovakia
  • Fakulteta za pomorstvo in promet, Slovenia
  • Navtikon, Slovenia
  • Pomorski in tehniški izobraževalni center Portorož, Slovenia
  • Spinaker, Slovenia
  • Facultat náutica de Barcelona, Spain
  • FUECA, Spain
  • Universidad de Cádiz, Spain
  • CINEC Maritime Campus, Sri Lanka
  • Piri Reis University, Turkey
  • Türk Deniz Eğitim Vakfı, Turkey
  • Kyiv State Maritime Academy, Ukraine



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I can refresh the VHF radio operations and not be restrained by the class timetables or the cost of a tutor. It is fantastic! VHF simulator is great!

- Thomas Bryant, Southampton, UK


I have been using for over one week now, and I am finding it very effective. I like the fact that I can learn anytime from anywhere, for example, completing a quick ten-minute lesson during my lunch break.

- Marco Sesanna, Napoli, Italy


We are using as the additional learning material for our GMDSS courses. Students are very happy as they can use available simulators at any time.

- GMDSS VET provider, Netherlands


I have been trying to find any useful way to motivate my students before the lectures for a long time. When I found my problem was resolved. They must take motivating quizzes at least two days before the lectures starts. I have all their results, so we can focus the lectures to the detected knowledge gaps. This is the reason that my students don't find my lectures boring.

- GMDSS VET provider, Poland

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