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Fast and Easy Learning

Save your time and learn stress free. There is no faster way of learning than having your own experience. Egmdss.com simulators are the perfect jumpstart to expert knowledge without living a trial and error.

Realistic Practice

All of our simulators are based on real-life GMDSS radio equipment, which gives you very realistic experience and skills to independently operate any GMDSS communication equipment after completing the course.

One Click Away

There is no need to install any special software or attend a local class. Learning with egmdss.com simulators is easy from anywhere in the World. Simply login to your account and start your journey to safety at sea.


Great User Experience

Once you see egmdss.com simulators in action, you'll never want to go back to learning plain theory. At least that's what our happy members say time after time.

Fully Integrated

We've put great thought into making your job easy so that you can free your mind and focus on learning. All simulators are intuitively integrated into the courses for the optimal learning outcome.

Award Winning

Egmdss.com has been chosen as one of the 9 best from 443 e-learning resources in the "My favorite e-learning resources" contest. We're continuously working on improvements to keep it there.

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What Others are Saying

I can refresh the VHF radio operations and not be restrained by the class timetables or the cost of a tutor. It is fantastic! VHF simulator is great!

- Thomas Bryant, Southampton, UK


I was very surprised when I discovered how easy it is to use the simulators and how straightforward I can learn with them. This was probably my best investment in the last few years. I'm very happy with the result.

- Giulio Cesare, Bari, Italy


This was my first time learning with simulator and the experience was awesome. School and learning were never my favorite thing, I have always been more of a practical guy. VHF simulator literally saved me hours and hours of study and made this process fun. Definitely coming back to refresh my memory when it wears out.

- Paweł Różalski, Warsaw, Poland

Even though, as a skipper, I already had my nautical training courses, as well as almost 14 years of experience working with every type of VHF equipment available on charter boats, I decided to try out egmdss.com simulators to refresh my skills. These simulators are a MUST for everyone going out to the sea!

- Juan Mendoza, Almeria, Spain


I have been egmdss.com member for a few years now. This website is a must stop for me every spring to refresh my knowledge before going on vaccation. It's my job to keep my family safe at sea. But boy do I wish I had used your simulators right from the begining. Now, my wife has trouble keeping me away from computer, it's like playing games for me, only with a good excuse for greater cause. Great experience, highly recommended!

- Jan Wesseling, Groningen, Netherlands



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